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High quality boom microscopes at low prices

We at Boom Microscopes specialize in selling boom stand mounted microscope equipment for industrial applications. Common applications for boomstand microscopes are for circuit board inspection and repair, soldering of tiny circuits, watch repair, clock repair, cell phone repair, electronics repair, firearm engraving, wood engraving, metal engraving, forensic document examination and document comparison, jewelry repair, art restoration, document preservation, painting conservation, painting restoration, hobby activities, fossil preparation and fossil restoration.

Boom stand mounted microscopes come in a variety of configurations. All are stereoscopes, meaning they have two microscope eyepieces and give a 3D stereoscopic view with depth perception. We have both zoom magnification and fixed magnification microscope objectives to select from. The zoom is the better choice as it gives a variable magnification over the full zoom range. The fixed magnification models typically are turret style magnification selection and magnification is changed by turning the objective turret.

We also offer trinocular models that have a third port for photography and video microscopy applications. This trinocular port can be fitted with a phototube for connecting to a digital camera for capturing digital still images or full motion video. A cmount on the trinocular port gives the ability to connect a ccd video camera for taking the image to a cctv monitor to produce a video microscope system.

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We also offer digital USB computer connected pc microscope cameras for interfacing the microscope with a computer. This option gives a variety of resolutions for capturing digital still images as well as live video.

An important issue with the selection of a stereoscopic boom stand mounted microscope is determination of the working distance. A long working distance is normally preferred as the longer the distance the more room for tools under the stereoscopic microscope head. The working distance of a microscope is defined as being the distance from the bottom of the objective lens to the top of the microscope's specimen as the specimen is in focus. For applications where a technician is using the microscope as a tool and repair is being done such as soldering on a circuit board for surface mount device (SMD) work, it is advisable to get more than the standard working distance. Most stereoscopes will provide 75 to 100mm working distance without any special objective lens. If we put a bottom barlow reducing objective lens on the microscope head, the working distance can be nearly doubled so it is considered a long working distance microscope. For circuit board repair using soldering, this is always advisable, and the objective lens provides protection from the soldering fumes and prevents it entering the microscope head, therefore reducing the chances of costly microscope repair and microscope servicing.

For applications doing microscopic inspection only, such as quality control inspection stations for circuit board manufacturing, working distance is not relevant as there is no soldering iron or other repair tools to fit under the microscope head. For these inspection applications, a bottom objective barlow reduction lens may not be needed unless the quality control inspection department prefers to reduce the magnification.

Different microscope applications require different types of boom stands. A typical circuit board repair station may be able to use a standard boom stand, while a stereo microscope head that is large, and fitted with a photography system, may be better using a heavy dual arm boom stand with counterweight for added stability. For other stereo microscope applications using a low power microscope such as forensic document examination or microscope engraving, it is often favorable to use an articulating boom stand as the articulating arm with the stereo microscope head can be moved over the working area or retracted back out of the way saving valuable working area. For other stereoscopic microscope applications such as medical for surgical or dental, a floor mounted boom stand may be most appropriate as it is mounted on wheels and can be rolled around the clinic.

A microscope headrest mounted to the stereomicroscope head is a favorable option for doing engraving, as the long hours spent under the microscope can be ergonomically tiring on the head and neck. The microscope head rest eases back and neck strain.

Whatever your boom stand mounted stereoscopic microscope application is, please call us to discuss how we can provide you the microscope equipment you need. Our technicians look forward to discussing your microscopy application.

Featured Products
Price: $ 2079.98
Model: bo043tb4am
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 89.98
Product Overview //
  • Mobile Floor Boom Stand Mounted Stereo Trinocular Zoom Microscope!
  • Great for Medical, Dental, and Forensic Applications. Also Useful for Industrial Inspection, Engraving, Repair of Small Items, or for Circuit Board Repair and Rework!
  • Bright and Clear 3-D Stereoscopic Images through High Quality Zoom Optics!
  • Compare to Similar Units costing $3000+ with name brands!

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Price: $ 399.98
Model: bo0000b3b3
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 49.98
Product Overview //
  • Articulating Boom Stand gives maximizes the working area and gives added Versatility!
  • Spring-Loaded Jointed Arm on the Boom Stand allows your microscope head to be quickly retracted out of the way or to be pulled over the working specimen!
  • Multi Axis Rotation Design gives this boom stand the ability to rotate your microscope head on most any position as may be needed. Few other styles of booms allow such versatility. This can be useful for instance when checking solder connections on a SMD and circuit boards.
  • The articulating boom stand with focusing holder is included with this package. The microscope head is NOT included. Although the boom will fit many types of heads, it is recommended to contact us for your precise requirements. We can provide several types of adapters to fit a variety of microscope heads.

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Price: $ 249.98
Model: bo0000b1b1
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 39.98
Product Overview //
  • Boom Stand for your microscope. Provides excellent versatility and working area!
  • Simple, Economical, and Effective, this classical style of boom offers what you need.
  • The user can easily turn, lower, and raise the boom arm.
  • A boom stand system like this is great for saving working space. It can easily be swung over the area where you work, or swung out of the way.
  • We provide only the boom stand. You provide the microscope head. Various heads will fit this stand. Contact us for more details about your specific head and what will fit easily.

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